Testimonial Jayde


Age 9

I didn’t like reading chapter books when I first started coming to ReWritten because they were hard to read. Now I can read chapter books higher than my grade level.

Testimonial Darrius


Age 14

I used to think I didn’t have a lot to offer but I’m learning that’s not true.

Testimonial Suraya


Age 12

I like writing stories because it helps me understand things. I learn something new every week when I write a story at the learning center.

Testimonial Tylin


Age 16

The way I see it, each one of us has our own destiny to fulfill and sometimes the changes we need to make to get there are right in front of us. ReWritten is helping me to see the things that are right in front of me.

Testimonial Jason


Age 21

ReWritten expands our way of thinking. Through being a part of ReWritten you rewrite your future; it changed mine.

Testimonial Laquan


Age 8

I like to learn and I’m pretty smart and at ReWritten they are helping me get smarter. I have a 96 NPR in language arts, they told me that means I’m really smart.

Testimonial Kesean


Age 17

Just because you made a bad decision doesn’t mean your life is over. You have your whole life ahead of you to change and when you have people like the people at ReWritten in your corner it feels easy to try again.

Testimonial Jesse Guzman

Jesse Guzman

SB County Sheriff

Important work is being done at ReWritten. I see first hand the affects of young people misguided and lost and I see first hand the effects of ReWritten’s intervention into the lives of those same young people. It is powerful and it is urgent work.

Testimonial Josh Marak

Josh Marak

Monthly Partner

ReWritten does the work that most of us agree should be done, with regards to at risk youth, yet most of us find some “legitimate” reason to excuse us from lending a hand. Donating a few bucks monthly is the least I can do.

Testimonial Evelyn Ponce

Evelyn Ponce


I have seen firsthand the impact ReWritten has in children’s lives. It gives them the opportunity to see the world in a different light by giving them hope through mentoring, and a stable, safe environment among other vital resources. At ReWritten children get to experience the involvement of a positive stable adult presence in their lives. That’s important.

Testimonial Forrest Short

Forrest Short

Pastor, Emmaus Church

ReWritten is doing incredibly important work in the Inland Empire and doing it well. I have witnessed up close the transformational impact that ReWritten has had on the lives of youth and I’m happy to contribute in this small way.


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