At ReWritten our mission is nothing short of enriching the community and watching lives transform. Our resource facility is located at the center of a largely fatherless community. The void left by absent fathers and the challenges facing the children we work with are seen as more than sad statistics. They are seen as an occasion to which we rise. Through diversified programs and practical help, we work alongside families to create a productive and peaceful community.

At ReWritten we strive not to whitewash unsavory headlines, but instead to change lives — to rewrite the headlines for the better.

Our programs are varied and highly relational. Board members, staff, and volunteers work to ensure not only the academic success of our children but to develop positive interpersonal skills in the community as well.

CURRENT Programs

programs upper hand

Upper Hand

A program designed to increase academic excellence by providing individualized educational support through subject assessment, customized tutoring instruction, and 1-1 homework help. Participants will see an increase in academic performance and a desire to maintain improved performance.

ReWritten Programs Upperhand“I didn’t like reading chapter books when I first started coming to ReWritten because they were hard to read. Now I can read chapter books higher than my grade level.” Jayde, 9

programs better to give

Better to Give

A program designed to engage our participants in the community through giving back from their personal resource bank. Participants will gain an increased awareness of surrounding community issues and a desire to improve the quality of life for their own lives and those of their surrounding community.

ReWritten Programs better to give“I used to think I didn’t have a lot to offer but I’m learning that’s not true.” Darrius, 14

programs script


A writing based program created to engage participants in the art of storytelling and the narrative process through the written word. Participants will gain and develop the skills needed to write stories with clear plot lines and strong character development.

ReWritten Programs Script“I like writing stories because it helps me understand things. I learn something new every week when I write a story at the learning center.” Suraya, 12

programs roads


A goal oriented program aimed at teaching kids the significance of setting and working towards achievable and realistic standards. Participants will gain a boost in self-confidence, improved work ethic and an acceptance and responsibility for decisions made.

ReWritten Programs Roads“The way I see it, each one of us has our own destiny to fulfill and sometimes the changes we need to make to get there are right in front of us. ReWritten is helping me to see the things that are right in front of me.” Tylin, 16

programs mentoring


High school students may participate in small group mentoring as well as life skills activities. ReWritten mentoring programs are overseen by licensed therapists and social workers.

ReWritten Programs Mentoring“ReWritten expands our way of thinking. Through being a part of ReWritten you rewrite your future; it changed mine.” Jason, 21  

programs tutoring


Children in grades K-12 receive homework help and small group tutoring, Monday-Thursday. One-on-one tutoring is offered as needed.

ReWritten Programs Tutoring“I like to learn and I’m pretty smart and at ReWritten they are helping me get smarter. I have a 96 NPR in language arts, they told me that means I’m really smart.” Laquan, 8

programs core


A holistic program designed to work closely with select participants to achieve academic success and develop positive interpersonal skills through tutoring, team building activities, and program-based incentives.

“Just because you made a bad decision doesn’t mean your life is over. You have your whole life ahead of you to change and when you have people like the people at ReWritten in your corner it feels easy to try again.” Kesean, 17


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