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ReWritten CharityStaff Writer, Stacy LaPointe

We feel so fancy—we’re bloggers! We blog. We use the word, “blog” now because we’re, you know, fancy, like we said. We don’t just post, we BLOG. We don’t just write articles, we post blogs. OK, maybe we’re getting a lot carried away, but you know, bloggers are like that.

One of our students wrote something so simple and profound on Valentine’s Day—love rewrites futures. To say we love this idea is an understatement. It’s a basic truth, but so full of promise. People rewrite futures, and kids rewrite their own futures here, but at the core of it all, it starts with love. We love our students, and they (mostly) love us. You love our students, and that love translates into action and support that helps us to create the environment in which to show love to them. We hope, over time, that this helps them to begin to love themselves, and eventually, others. Love does that. Our blog will give you a chance to see in more depth how your love, our love, and their love are working together to rewrite futures.

ReWritten CharityWhat will we be blogging about out in the blogosphere? Well, we mostly want to let you know what we’re up to, why we do what we do, how and what our kids are doing, and how much your interest and support mean to our students. Sometimes we may talk about field trips, a special event, a project the kids are working on, or even everyday humdrum stuff like homework and test scores. We might share an interview with a particular student, showcase kids’ achievements, share some interesting topics or articles, tour the center, or simply give a glimpse into what’s been happening in the world of Rewritten that week. We’d love to help you see how your love is helping these kids to shape their own legacies.

ReWritten Charity - ParticipateWe will show and share the artifacts, inspirations, stories, and results of what you help us to do in the lives of our kids. The students won’t always admit it (let’s get real here—they often won’t admit it), but they need us, and we are here to help fill the needs we can. Your moral, physical, and financial support are so important and necessary in order for us to provide the care and presence these kids have come to rely on here.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or would like to support the students and work at Rewritten at

See you on the blog!

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  • Irene Huizing says:

    Thank you for sharing what ReWritten is all about. I look forward to hearing more!